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icon address 21032 S. 80th Avenue
Frankfort, Illinois 60423
icon address Office: 815-464-9201
Fax: 815-464-9202
After Hours: 708-268-1848
2nd After Hours: 708-655-4420
icon address victorioushh@gmail.com

Welcome to Victorious Home Healthcare

After a certain medical procedure, it would positively feel more comfortable and relaxing to stay in one’s home.  But some circumstances would entail additional medical tests, 24/7 monitoring and other care needs thus requiring lengthened stays in infirmaries.  With those two notions easily contradicting each other, it seems you have reached quite an impasse.

But don’t worry. Victorious Home Healthcare was created to assist you.

Our roll of services performed by accredited and experienced medical specialists will shape your home into the perfect solace for getting better.  Yes, we provide medical services that were only performed in hospitals before.

We want to be with you may it be in your health management or your recovery. Call 815-464-9201 and find out how.

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Victorious Home Healthcare gives you the kind of care that heals, the kind of professionals who care, and the level of service that exceeds your expectations for quality.

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